Soc Sinan

In my book, published in September 2020, THE LAST HELICOPTER: Two Lives in Indochina, I tell the story of two lives tightly intertwined between 1970 and 1980.   In this highly personal memoir, I meet Soc Sinan, the 21 year old daughter of a Cambodian military commander under Prince Norodom Sihanouk.  Five years after we met, Sinan became trapped amid the horrors of Pol Pot's 'killing fields.'  But Sinan was a survivor.  See the full story here:   www.jimlaurie.com/book  The book available from Amazon.com  


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  See: www.jimlaurie.com/book                See:    https://amzn.to/2Ozz3GD


Excerpt from the PREFACE

 "WHEN YOU ARE YOUNG, you carry out your most daring exploits, experience your most passionate affairs, and create your most unforgettable memories.

                  This is a story of lives and contrasting cultures that intersect in remarkable and unexpected ways; a story of youth, a thirst for education, travel, romance... and love - not only for a individual but for an endlessly fascinating place - a region encompassing Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos - known collectively as Indochina.                              


                  The story focuses on a special friend, an extraordinary person at an extraordinary time. A young woman is engaged in a remarkable struggle for survival amid unimaginable conditions.

                   Along the way she unveils a chronicle of war and recovery, trust and betrayal, lessons learned and lessons forgotten.


                   THIS is a story of lives interconnected. A story connecting people bound together for a time, by war, pain, and the inability to forget."